Friday, September 24, 2010

The new Mr & Mrs. Studley!

A few short weeks ago I photographed the wedding of Tara Marlow and Jud Studley!  What a great couple!  I've known them both for quite a while, so I was honored when they asked me photographically capture the precious but fleeting moments of their special day.  The days events were hosted by Cafe Mooney Bay and as your can see by the images below, you could not have asked for a more perfect day!  You can view an expanded preview of Tara and Jud's wedding day images by clicking here


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Denise and Lorne tie the knot!

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of photographing the union of Denise Francis and Lorne Clute.  The festivities were held at the beautiful Massena Country Club.  Their lovely ceremony ended with the newlyweds and their well wishers releasing butterflies. The butterflies were awesome--many of them susprisingly decided to hang around for quite some time.  The one in the picture below actually stayed with one of the beautiful little flower girls for what must have been at least an hour.  It was truly a spectacular day which ended with an amazing fireworks display shortly after the equally spectacular sunset that was captured in the above picture.  We have posted an expanded preview of their wedding day images on our main site.  Those images can be viewed and/or purchased by clicking here.  Once the happy couple selects their remaning images, we will update the site with the rest of those as well.