Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lori and Morgan Tie the Knot!

Hi everybody. Sorry I haven't been blogging much recently. I've been blessed with staying extremely busy doing one of the things I love most, which is using my camera to create what I hope to be lasting images. Recently, I photographed the lovely union of Lori Dennison and Morgan Brooks. All of the pieces fell together for this one. The weather was fantastic and the scenic vistas of the Valcour Conference center were as always, breathtaking. The event was orchestrated by the wonderfully talented event planner, Linda Appleton. My good friend Brett LeClair was assisting me for the day. Brett is developing into a fine photographer and she was great to have around. Lori and Morgan are an awesome couple and they were a joy to be around all day. Morgan was a dapper groom and Lori, well you'll be able to see from this sampling of images I am posting here how stunning a bride, she was. Valcour is by far one of my favorite places to shoot, primarily because of the abundance of what I like to call mini-locations at one venue. The happy couple was up for anything that I suggested, which I truly appreciate, because it allows for more lasting imagery. Throughout the day we were able to capture what I feel are very memorable images, from the two of them dangling their feet off the dock to wonderful formal portaits of Lori on the shore, including one that I selecting for my increasingly popular "painted sky" technique (hint: its the first one after the post). Lastly at the very end of the evening we were able to capture an intimate image of the couple with a magnificent full moon reflecting off the water in the background. Make sure to chime in here on the blog to let the couple know you checked out their images.