Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rebecca and Jeremy tie the knot on the waves!

Yesterday, Andrew and I covered the union of Rebecca Couture and Jeremy Asarese. It was a lovely wedding on a lovely day. The happy couple had both the wedding and reception on the "Northern Lights" cruise ship in Burlington. The ship left port at 6:30 and fifteen minutes later they became man and wife while the boat was anchored just off a picturesque island in the middle of Lake Champlain. After the ceremony we had a brief photo session as the sun began to set (we didn't need much time because we had gotten the majority of our "formal" shots earlier in the day at Rebecca's parents beautiful home). On the boat we wanted to make sure that we took full advantage of shooting an event on a ship. At one point, Andrew even shimmied up above the Captain's quarters to get some breathtaking shots from a once in a lifetime vantage point. We finished our pictures just as the sun set, and after that the ship became a giant party boat! Jeremy who is a DJ for "Top Hat" in Vermont had told me at an event we worked together recently, that his main wish for the evening was that people had an opportunity to truly enjoy themselves on this wonderful boat. Boy, did we all! Congratulations Rebecca and Jeremy! We had a wonderful time and I look forward to crafting images to help you remember your special day forever.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

New blog site for the senior class!

We have been getting busier and busier with request for us to provide our imagery for senior photos. I decided that if we were going to undertake this that I wanted to approach it with the same passion that I have for other subjects that I photograph. At Silver Lining, we pride ourselves in creating a images that you will treasure for a lifetime, and we are constantly striving to think of new ways to showcase this our photography and videos. This new blog will provide a venue and voice for seniors while this one will maintain its current focus on the special events and nature part of our business. Please stop by our other blog when you get a chance and say hi.
You will see a link to in in the sidebar of this window.


Friday, August 22, 2008

New Wildlife Collage Wall Prints!

I am happy to announce the newest addition to our nature galleries. These large wall prints were created in direct response to several requests that I've had from people asking for pictures that contained multiple images. I was excited about this and I wanted to make sure that gave each of these pieces their own story. The Bald Eagle one that you see here for example is a sequence of images taken consecutively. The entire sequence were all captured within a span of about three seconds. I have also added the scientific name and the date and location captured. These signed images are only being offered in a 16x20 or 20x24 format, and are the perfect addition to any wall. They can be mounted to a foam board prior to shipping for immediate placement in a frame upon reaching their new home. You can view all of our nature prints for sale by clicking here. There will be more to come in the near future such as collages for osprey, woodpeckers, owls and herons. Have a great day.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Amanda and Stephen rock their wedding!

This past Saturday, Amanda Haley and Stephen Beaudette tied the knot. When I originally met with Amanda she stressed to me that the theme for her wedding was "FUN", and boy did she mean it. From the cookout the day before, to the "party bus" to fireworks at the reception, the day was full of fun and excitement.

The pictures flowed naturally throughout the day, mostly in thanks to their idea of shooting the bridesmaids and groomsmen pictures before the ceremony. This way we only had to focus on the group shots after the ceremony, and we were able to pretty much stick to our goals for time. Amanda also had a beautiful green theme that was evident everywhere, from the ribbon on the cake, the groomsmen's ties , to the limes at each table. All in all I had a wonderful time with a wonderful couple. I wish them both a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. Their final images will be ready for viewing in a few weeks but in the meantime I'm adding a sampling to this post. Feel free to leave the couple a message here on the blog, to let them know that you stopped by to see their pictures.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Katy and Dustin get married!

Katy Lennahan and Dustin Sleeper tied the knot on the 8th of this month. Katy has a photography background as well and is a big fan of photojournalism, as am I. Her hubby Dustin is a great guy with an awesome sense of humor as you'll see in a few of the pictures attached to this blog (particularly the image of all the guys at the bar). Both the ceremony and reception were at the beautiful Valcour Lodge and Conference Center. I love covering weddings there. You have the lake, beautiful lodgings, a rustic boathouse and top notch service. Katy and Dustin's final images will be available in a few weeks but I am attaching a few photos to this post. They are a great couple and I wish them all the best.